Pros and Cons of Using a VoIP Phone System

Pros and Cons of Using a VoIP Phone System

VoIP has brought great excitement in the market and has already impacted a great deal of people across the globe. There are now more people who are actually using VoIP phone systems instead of paying high telecom charges. However, it is also important to understand how VoIP differs from regular phones and then we will also find out how this method is suitable for telecommunication companies.

There are many advantages to a residential IP telephone system over traditional telephone service. This has been possible thanks to the latest advances in technology that allows phone calls to be transmitted through a computer network which is known as a VoIP provider.

Nowadays, regular phone services are mostly provided by telecom service providers. This usually means that your monthly bills include regular bill fees. However, with a VoIP provider, you are able to talk on the phone without having to pay a single cent as long as the phone is online and is connected to the internet.

When you consider the disadvantages of this service, it should be borne in mind that there are still some people who are not familiar with VoIP technology. Although this service provides great benefits, there are still other disadvantages that need to be highlighted.

In the first place, the advantages of a VoIP phone system are great. The next advantage is also quite amazing. If you are aware of this advantage, then you will certainly know the disadvantages. The main disadvantage associated with VoIP service is the fact that a call is made while the internet connection is down.

Pros of VoIP

The positive points of using this service are:

  • you can use it without any restrictions.
  • You do not need to pay the normal monthly phone bills anymore.
  • These are the positive points of using a VoIP phone system.

The disadvantages of using this service are also important to be mentioned. The main disadvantage is that the voice quality is not the same with regular calls. There are many disadvantages associated with VoIP.

Cons of VoIP

The main disadvantages of using this service are:

  • it is important to understand how voice quality is affected by the internet.
  • It is also important to understand the drawbacks associated with this service and this will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

To address disadvantages, we have to discuss what are the things that you need to consider in the first place. This will help you in avoiding some disadvantages that you may encounter.

One major disadvantage is that most people do not really need this service because a lot of people do not have broadband connectivity. This is very important because the voice quality would be compromised. In addition, the voice would be distorted and unintelligible especially if the internet is not present.

Another disadvantage is that there are no opportunities for sharing web pages using non-voice applications such as e-mails. However, if you are a regular user of this service, this may not bother you. Therefore, to address these disadvantages, it is important to consider the positives of using this service.